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La Mar Excursions, Inc.

Welcome. La Mar Excursions, Inc. is proud of our commitment to Sustainability. Our priorities include care for our guests, care for our employees and neighbors and care for our planet and its occupants. The objective of our company is to provide Exciting Discoveries as you visit S. Florida and the Pacific Northwest. Our website only contains some of our more popular excursions and certainly is not a complete listing of the products which we have developed and operate. Should you not see something that you would like, please feel free to contact us on our feedback page.

For all of us at La Mar Excursions, we wish you safe journeys and exciting discoveries!

Mission Statement

Dedicated to providing cost effective, safe, engaging and memorable vacation experiences for our guests. Focusing our combined energies to operate an efficient, flexible and responsive organization in support of our planet and cruise line objectives. We will embrace honesty, integrity, equality and fair play to preserve and sustain long-term relationships with our community, customers, contractors and our environment. We support all business partners towards enhanced sustainability and are dedicated to the creation of more sustainable awareness among our guests.

Sustainability Policy

    According to our Mission, and considering our values of Honesty, Integrity, Equality and Fair Play at La Mar Excursions we state our strong and steady commitment to:
  • Offering South Florida and other coastal regions as sustainable destinations by utilizing responsible marketing practices and showing La Mar Excursions as the committed and verified company that it is
  • Preference for locally owned partners in our destinations
  • Providing local guides and drivers
  • Protecting the environment by reporting damaging practices such as pollution, artificial feeding and captivity or extraction of wild flora or fauna
  • Implementing safety precautions for all people (clientele, company representatives and others), maintaining proper safety practices and emergency plans
  • Utilizing motor coaches, with Green Certifications, for all transport
  • We will not support any enterprise where animals are held captive unless such enterprise is properly regulated and in compliance with all applicable codes, relevant to animal welfare.
  • Always conducting an impact assessment/audit when choosing a new destination
  • Not engaging in any activities that involve the sale of endangered species
  • Involving guests in the "Top Ten" sustainable commitments and best practices in relation to the excursion experience

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Tourist Guide Code of Conduct and Ethics

    A La Mar Excursions, Inc TEAM MEMBER SHALL:
  • Uphold all state and local laws
  • At all times show willingness to provide optimum support and quality service to all guests, cruise ship crew and co-workers.
  • In no way discriminate in rendering service to any guest on any basis, e.g. color, gender, ethnicity, nationality, physical challenge, age, etc.
  • Be impartial (politically and otherwise), unbiased, positive, and represent South Florida objectively.
  • Be suitably dressed in prescribed uniform and presentable at all times.
  • Be punctual, reliable, honest, conscientious and tactful at all times.
  • Be respectful of drivers and venues.
  • Carry out the program / itinerary of a tour to his / her best abilities and be loyal to La Mar Excursions, Inc.
  • Deal with conflict in a sensitive and responsible manner.
  • In the event of an incident or accident: call first responders if necessary, assist and/or comply with procedures of venue, follow La Mar Excursions, Inc. reporting protocols. (Exhibit A)
  • Be knowledgeable of tour content and commentary and shall assist guests and do not provide them with misleading information.
  • In the event you are not familiar with, or unable to provide information requested by a guest, consult with your fellow team members or the appropriate authorities for assistance.
  • At no time be under the influence of alcohol or a narcotic substance, while on duty, and shall refrain from administering any medication to a client without proper medical consultation.
  • Never solicit gratuities from guests.
  • Be concerned at all times for the safety of your guests.
  • Wear the appropriate guide badge and will carry his/her port ID.
  • Treat all people, cultures and the environment with respect.