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La Mar Excursions, Inc.
Additional Enviromental Policies

Energy Reduction Policy

    Consistent with our company’s corporate sustainability policy, we encourage all affiliates, with home offices, to implement the following practices
  • Turn off all unnecessary lights
  • When possible, switch to small fluorescent bulbs
  • Position desk to utilize natural light
  • Use task lighting – turn off ceiling lights
  • Utilize a laptop vs. a desk top computer
  • When purchasing new electronics, look for the
  • energy star rating
  • Raise thermostat 2 degrees to save 5% or 5
  • degrees to save 10% on energy bill
  • Unplug routers at night
  • Use power strips for computer, phone chargers and
  • desk fans. This allows unplugging 1 source to disengage all
  • Raise thermostat 10 degrees when not at home
  • Utilize an oscillating desk fan for additional cooling
  • Turn off the water when washing hands
  • Implementing these small changes will reduce the impact on our planet and your wallet!!!

Solid Waste Reduction & Recycling Policy

  • Reduce – Reuse – Separate – Re-Cycle
  • Go Green to keep it Green! Reduce the run-off from yard chemicals
  • Ridding our lives of plastic is a practice that must stick makes our oceans sick!
  • Top Priority!! Proper storage and safe disposal of pollutants is critical for our Everglades
Procurement Policy

    Consistent with our corporate social responsibility, we encourage all affiliates, with home offices, to consider the following purchasing suggestions:
  • Continued emphasis on digital, text and/or phone communications (i.e. make certain your digital plan is adequate).
  • If absolutely necessary, re-cycled paper is to be used.
  • When replacing computers, consider low energy usage lap-tops vs. desk top models.
  • Prioritize the use of water filters or 5 gallon water dispensers over individual use water bottles.
  • Utilize bamboo, stainless steel or paper straws in place of plastic.
  • When purchasing teas/coffees please consider sustainable certified (i.e. organic, Fair Trade Certified, Rainforest Alliance, Smithsonian Bird Friendly, Utz certified, 4 C Common Code).
  • When purchasing cleaning supplies, please consider eco- friendly first!
  • Small changes can make a big difference! As your awareness of sustainability increases, the changes will appear effortless.
    Any suggestions and/or reports of rewarding results are welcome and greatly appreciated!